Monday, 12 July 2010

Moths from the weekend at Manor Heath

A couple of new ones for me, Pebble Hook-tip and Small Yellow Wave.
Numerous Swallow Tailed, Dun-bar, 4 Poplar Hawkmoths, Buff Arches, Yellow Shell, Clouded Silver, Antler Moth and Dark Spectacle amongst more abundant species.
NB For you Birder / Moth enthusiast types, there is a Petrel ringing / Mothing night being held at Thornwick Bay this weekend, Saturday 17th July. Attended last year and had a really enjoyable evening and had good close views of 2 Storm Petrels and numerous Moths.


brian leecy said...

Hi Sean,looks like you are getting some nice moths at your place,small yellow waves are crackers,all the best Bri.

Sean Johnston said...

Thanks Brian. My first proper year with a trap and must say I've enjoyed getting up early and checking on a daily basis.

AndyC said...

small yellow wave is a beauty in the town centre,still hav'nt had one up here.