Sunday, 21 September 2008

Charming little critter.

My first post here. Would love to know what this is. Andy C posted this up earlier.
I found it today near Queensbury.
I'm a birdwatcher with an increasing interest in wildlife generally and very out of my depth when it comes to moths, butterflies and wriggly plant eaters to name a few. Would really appreciate your id input please. Probably nothing rare but it's attractive and it's exciting finding all sorts of critters locally.


Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Iain
Its the larva of Broom Moth (Ceramica pisi). Its probably now finished feeding up and will be looking to pupate ready to emerge next summer.

Nick Carter said...


Get yourself a moth trap, you'll soon be hooked!

Iain G said...

Many thanks Paul for confirming Andy's id, much appreciated. I just looked it up as a moth.

You're not wrong Nick, I'll be hooked at some point. A moth trap round here would probably not be very productive at all though in attracting moths and dubious locals might be drawn to it! It would be nice in the right circumstances. I might get to run one at a different location.

I've long had a craving for a microscope and I can see that fitting into mothing and insects quite nicely. My girlfriend wouldn't mind-it falls within the 'accepted hobbies' category.
I still have your slightly juddery Velbon tripod head.

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Iain
Best way to get hooked is to join Andy and his boys at an MV light session and then have some sessions out with Charly who seems to find more interesting moths WITHOUT a MV light than the rest of us put together.

Nick Carter said...

Try an actinic, not especially bright and people will probably think its a security light! I got mine from a guy in Sheffield recommended by Martyn, see

Don't worry about the tripod head, I've no need for it at present.

dishfish said...

we used to get a broom moth a year on my mums clematis until our mad neighbour cut it down. they are beautiful

Iain G said...

Thanks for the welcome and encouragement. Now to get my head around the over 2000 (?!)species of moths. Simple matter really I'm sure. Ahem.
Well it'll stop me getting bored with it.