Monday, 29 September 2008

Photo Gallery

I have set up a photo gallery which was discussed earlier.On the right hand side press Photo Gallery this should open a public gallery and you should see a few old pics from this site,I intend to add all the great photo's that have been on the blogg so far and a few from field trips etc.Thanks to NigelK for his help


charly streets said...

Andy, glad to see you've gotten the hang of the photo gallery, it's starting to look quite good.

Just a couple of ideas - on looking at the lovely shot of the Beautiful Yellow Underwing the first thing that popped into my head was, when and where was it taken - could that info be included somehow.Maybe I could add that info to any of my shots included?

Also I was wondering how easy it would be to arrange the photos into systematic order rather than just randomly - maybe not possible after they've been uploaded. I know it's asking a lot at this early stage but I do feel it would be worth thinking about at some stage.

AndyC said...

Hi Charly,I can do both of these ideas no problem,and I agree that both are good ideas,I will try and sort it over the next few days.

AndyC said...

Just had a quick go and if you click on the pic its enlarges it and I have left a commoent on where and when they were seen.Haveing a bit of trouble putting them in order as yet.

oldsoulrebel said...

Andy, I've hundreds if not thousands of photo's you can use in the gallery.

How about bringing The Garden Moths of Halifax up to date, illustrating it with photo's and publishing that online? It would look good and would be of vast intrest to us all, what do you think

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...


As a suggestion for organising the images, could you number them for filing in their Bradley & Fletcher log numbers. If you set them up this way I think you might get the option as to what order they appear in ?

AndyC said...

Hi all,
I will send you all an invite and you can then post directly onto gallery.
I will be doing an updated Moths of Halifax as soon as i get everyones records this year ,if we all have mapmate this is easy as you just e-mail around.

AndyC said...

Good idea paul,thanks for that