Friday, 19 September 2008

Eastwood and Ibbot Royd

Just a few butterflies yesterday
2 red admirals
2 peacocks
number of speckled woods

I tried the moth trap the other night and ended up with some very puzzled neighbours but no moths. So I'm going to try the honey technique tonight. Is it just runny honey onto the flower heads, or is there a secret formula, and would my trap be better in the open on the grass, under the willow tree or near to the sedum? Any help gratefully received.


Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Chris
The best spot (not knowing exactly the layout of your garden) is near some shelter from any strong winds but with a clear view around for the bulb to shine out. Many moths will feed and then move out seeking a mate. An example of this is Elephant Hawkmoth (I'm not sure if anyone else has recorded this behaviour ?). When I ran the trap at Park road I used to switch it on well before dusk just incase my wine consumption increased over the evening and I forgot later ! I had Honeysuckly planted around 2 sides of the garden (garden was only 12x 15 feet) and Elephant Hawks used to bomb down and feed on the Honeysuckle as soon as the light started to fade, they never entered the trap despite the light glowing away. If I stayed up late watching the trap around 11/12 oclock at night Elephant Hawks would arrive the trap. They were usually spotted spiraling down from some hight at great speed and would hit the ground or trap with a thump before flying around and landing in the trap.

Honey is just squirted out of the bottle onto the plants. I had several species feding last night and already this morning Silver Y have reapeared along with several bumblebees feeding away on the honey

Chris said...

Cheers Paul

Have a few patches of sedum and a butterfly bush in the garden. Its long and thin with a semi mature willow tree about half way up, so will try the trap out further up the garden.

I know last year when I tried it out I got better results further up the garden.

This should keep the neighbours puzzled again, especially when they see me out pouring bottles of honey all over the plants.

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Chris
Its a matter of trial and error with your trap siting. jusy move it to the best spot on the night.

You need very little honey on the plants. Just a small squirt on each plant as you need to leave room for the insects to feed without getting caught in the honey