Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Ypsolopha sylvella

Another one that might of interest to determine distribution in Calderdale is Ypsolopha sylvella. I started to record this species in my garden MV at Park Rd in the early years of trapping. Ian Kimber very kindly used to confirm (or to be honest named for me !) various species of micro that I trapped. On sending these records to Harry Beaumont the YNU micro recorder he was somewhat sceptical of the ID, saying he throught they were more likely the closely related Y. alpella. Neither Ian nor I was happy about this so I sent some specimens of sylvella to Harry and he was delighted to confirm our original ID. The reason he had been sceptical was that there had been something like 6 or 7 confirmed records from Yorkshire in the last hundred years and I was trapping something like 10-15 a week !

Ian has the flight period down as August to September but my records are mainly from September to late October. It occurs in Oak Woods (larval foodplant is Oak) and should be around now in Calderdale. It would be interesting to see if it occurs more widely through Calderdale and in the numbers I recorded it in. The image is of an adult from my back garden MV taken by Ian.
Send me your CUK for Mapmate and I will sync my records that I have so far on MM. Please remember though I have around 3 years yet to put on MM from Calderdale. I will set Sync to just VC63 records, but some of these will be outside Calderdale. You can then add these to any lists you guys pass around.


AndyC said...

Hi paul,my cuk is 8jq....if i lend my map mate to someone else is it possible to sinc those records.???on to my records.

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Andy
If you loan out a copy of MM it will create massive problems with Syncs. Thats why each user has their own unique CUK to prevent such errors getting into the system. Keep well away from letting anyone use your copy or you wil end up with a corrupted database and this can spread through the entire MM system if you sync with others who then sync with others etc.