Sunday, 21 September 2008

Weekends moths

Frosted orange 1
Barred Sallow 1
Pink Barred Sallow 1
Lunar Underwing 2
Black Rustic 4
Feathered Ranunculus 1
Willow Beauty 1
Rosy Rustic 3
Garden Carpet 2
Common Marbled Carpet 6
Large YU 10
Lesser YU 1
Angle Shades 1
Light Brown Apple moth 12
Garden Rose Tortrix 9
Small Sq Spot 1
Acleris sp 4


Nick Carter said...

Don't know how you guys do it, nothing at all in my trap this morning.

Had a day on the coast yesterday, there seemed to be butterflies everywhere including at least 60 Small Torts on one patch of flowers! Lots of Silver Y's about too.

AndyC said...

That trap will bring in loads of stuff,don't you worry.

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Where you are is very important in relation to moth numbers in the trap. Those near mixed habitat will do well, those in woodland wil usually do even better and those in urban or rural areas with monoculture will usualy do rather less well. On average you will normally get something like 70% more moths in an MV trap than an Actinic and the same scenario applies to the habitat its run in. As with tweeters is much more fun and enjoyable finding your own, rather than simply switiching on a plug or getting a text alert as you suggest from your coastal trip yesterday

oldsoulrebel said...

Can't say I'm getting much here and I rum a MV one night and Actinic the next and guess what the Actinic is winning hands down


AndyC said...

Autumn is always the best time of year to use the MV trap in Northowram,Winter and spring are quiet in the trap and in summer its full of Dark Arches and Large Yellow Underwings at this time of year its best to be out and about looking and using differnt methords of recording.But last night I had 60+ moths with 25 been common marbled Carpets,another Feathered ranunculus 2 Frosted orange,2angle Shades etc its like opening a treasure box in the morning.I like all types of moffing thats why its so addictive.