Thursday, 11 September 2008

New MV

With aplogies to Charly :-)) Just set up my new MV trap from ALS this evening and already had my first moth, a third brood Brimstone. They are minute being around the size of a carpet such as Silver Ground Carpet ! I will try and get a photo with measurements up on the blog tomorrow.

Nice one Charly, Jon tells me your Microscope is on its way to you. I emailed you myself yesterday, did you get this ?


charly streets said...

Hi Paul, good luck with new trap, for what it's worth I haven't anything against trappers, I know they provide valuable records, it's just not my thing.

I seem to be having difficulty receiving some emails at the moment for some reason as Jon's also went a stray. Glad to hear my microscope's on it's way :-)

charly streets said...

Paul, thanks by the way for suggesting I let Jon know you were a mate, he gave me quite a generous discount.

As regards my email adress, my old ISP Orange discontinued my old address a few days ago and the one you see above is the only one I use now. Apologies for the confusion.