Sunday, 21 September 2008

Last nights activity

Tried the honey on the sedum, during the day had lots of bumble bees, wasps and hoverfly. Also a brief visit from a small tortoiseshell.

Set up the trap and looked at the sedum about 9pm. 1 Silver Y making use of the honey.

Trap run over night with only 2 moths, pictured, if any one can help me ID them I would be grateful.

I have found a slight problem with the honey on the sedum that brought itself to light this morning. Normally our garden is visited over night by large mammals(I'm not going to say which were the offending characters but there are 3 types), some of them had a great feast on the honey flowers and they are now in tatters on the pathway. I now have few sedum to attract anymore moths and one very annoyed girldfriend who quite like the sedum display. So be warned.


AndyC said...

They both look like Common marbled Carpets,thanks for the tip about seedum ,we have a couple of them in our garden,my wifes favourites.

oldsoulrebel said...

Hi Chris,
there does not seem to be many Moths about at the moment, I'm also getting very few. I see and catch more in the first hours of darkness, just lately, so don't give up