Friday, 19 September 2008

Sweet Tip

I was reading some old lepidoptera articles last night and one suggested that sugaring grass heads and the like was as useful as sugaring trunks & posts in attracting moths. As I do not have a sugar solution ready mixed I decided to try out "runny" honey on some just about gone over heads of Sedum spectablis (butterfly plant) to test the theory during daylight hours. As you can see from the photo it was immediately successful in attracting Silver Y Moths. So far this morning I have had Bumblebees, various hoverflies sp, Silver Y Moths and Red Admiral feeding away happily. I think its safe to say Lidl Forest Honey (shown) at £1.69 a bottle is going to get some use in my moth expeditions in future ! Yesterday was scorching here and today is also starting to get very hot. Yesterday the sedum were being ignored in the main as its starting to seed,today they have been full of feeding insects all day. Another benifit of this attractant is that once the insects are feeding they rarely fly away so you can get up real close for some photos. Someone like Charly or Martyn should be able to get some cracking shots

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