Friday, 12 September 2008

Proposed Photo Gallery

Re the posting dated 05/09/08 on proposals of a photo gallery to this blog. AC mentions the existing gallery on Birdbrain which is a link to a Windows Skydrive account giving 5GB of drive space. In order to create the gallery, the blog owner and other users have to first create Windows Live accounts, normally by using their existing Email addresses and passwords. The owner then gives levels of permissions to users enabling them to only read, or edit and delete the pictures posted on the gallery.

Once the messy bit above is sorted out, it works well in my opinion, but I have to say the fall off of posting by other users on Birdbrain has been dramatic. This means I tend to post pictures myself - not a problem because I have oodles of time. I think it raises the question though of is it worth the effort and time Andy, as you are the blog editor. Of course, I am willing to give all the help I can, but rather than flood this blog with postings, I suggest you Email me on my usual address.

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AndyC said...

Thanks Nigel,I will drop you a line