Monday, 22 September 2008

Topical Tip

I spotted that large areas of Ivy are now in flower here in Edern as I walked down the track to the coast for a spot of fishing this afternoon (a nice Pollack now filleted and awaiting cooking for my tea). The ivy flowers were covered in butterflies, silver y moths, hoverflies and bees, all feeding away on the flowers. Searching Ivy by both day and night is supposed to be as good as "sallowing" in spring. To be at its best you need a decent sized patch and it not to be too tall as its hard to spot moths much above head height. I know of one excellent patch in Calderdale (I'm sure there must be hundreds more), its on the wall between the canal and river just past Red Beck on the canal. Park at Avocet and walk down to just past the bend near the Red Beck and there is a superb patch of Ivy which flowers profusely each year is never above head height, perfect for some night shots or netting and is always covered in insects as long as the weather is fine (its been a scorcher here again this afternoon)

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AndyC said...

Just found an excellent patch of Ivy close to home but its a week off flowering yet.Just got a few tips from Bri about making my sugaring mix for October.