Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Phyllonorycter tenerella challenge

One to find now is the leaf mine of Phyllonorycter tenerella on Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) A mine between veins from midrib to leaf-edge, narrow, tubular, with one crease in lower epidermis. Ian Kimber and I found this on Hornbeam in Wellholm Park in Brighouse in 2001. We found 4 mines in total in a few hours searching over a couple of days. It was a first for Yorkshire (by around two weeks !) at that time and found originally simply by accident when I looked over a magnificent looking tree found a mine and then asked Ian Kimber what it was ! We looked it up in Emmet to see what occured on Hornbeam and settled in tenerella. It wasnt until I got home and did some more checking that we realised it might be a county first...which is why we spent a few hours looking for more :-))

Challange is to find it in Calderdale on Hornbeam which is a planted species not a naturally occuring species in the area. I will accept records from any Hornbeam in Calderdale including the original site. Prizes are copies of a leaf mining guide which is Warwickshire based BUT it covers every species both lepidopterous and none lepidopterous you are likely to find in Calderdale. One book per person who finds the mines but no need to be first

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