Thursday, 11 September 2008

Last nights moths

Common Marbled carpet 7
red Green Carpet 1
Garden carpet 1
Silver Y 1
Autumunal Rustic 1
Rosy rustic 2
Lunar Underwing 1
Sq Sp Rustic 1
Small sq Spot 1
Large Y underwing 6
Lesser Yellow Undwg 10
Light Brown apple Moth 4
white shouldered House Moth 1
Acleris laterna/comariana 2
Acleris sparasana 1
Blastobasis decolorella 1
Garden Rorse Tortix 1
First time this year ive had more Lessers than large Yellow Underwings and a migrant Silver Y.


Nick Carter said...

I must be doing something wrong! I have had my actinic trap running for last two nights, not a sausage (or a moth)

charly streets said...

I've had 2 Silver Y in the garden this year and that's about it on the migrant front - 2006 seems a distant memory.