Friday, 10 July 2009


St the trap going in teh garden last night (sorry I have not been on the blog for a couple of days so did not know about the Cunnery Wood trip - hope it went well). I tried the dropping a towel over the trap at 4 in the morning technique to keep the moths in. It seemed to work.
1 flame
1 flame shoulder
2 clouded border
1 snout
1 Poplar hawkmoth
2 common footman
2 buff arches
1 burnished brass
1 leopard moth (bottom photos, have a close look it looks like she was laying eggs, I have them in a jar on the desk. If anyone wants them or knowns what to do with them, then please let me know)
Also two top photos - I think is a green pug and a common wave but not sure on either, any ideas.


brian leecy said...

Hi Chris,leopards brill,top 1s v pug and tuther is riband wave all the best Bri.

AndyC said...

Fantastic leopard ,I think they may well be difficult to rear as the larvae take 2/3 winters and pupating under bark but keep them as I may have a go if its ok with you.(if may be better to put them somewhere safe in your garden.

AndyC said...

And a first breeding record for Leopard moth in Calerdale.

Nick Carter said...

Towel idea sounds a good one, any chance you could pop round and do ours at 4 tommorrow? :)

Chris said...

Thanks for the ID. Will put the eggs put inthe garden tomorrow on one of the woodpiles. Nick get a cat that wants to go out about 4 am every morning, then run up the garden and throw the towel over the trap