Sunday, 5 July 2009

Midgley last night

A better night last night with several new species for us including a Burnished Brass (poor photo, great moth!) and this Gold Spot which looking at the book looks more like a Lempke's GS to us but it does say they are very difficult, any suggestions? Waiting for a couple of ID confirmations from Brian/Andy but the rest of the list is
Large Yellow Underwing 4
Lesser Yellow Underwing 1
Burnished Brass 1
Middle barred Minor 3
Common Footman 2
Northern Spinach 1
Gold Spot sp. 1


brian leecy said...

Hi Nick/Sandra,sent you a couple of emails,hope you recd em !

Nick Carter said...

Only got the one that confirmed our ID of the Minor sp.

brian leecy said...

Nick/Sandra,looks like lempkes to me ,a good pointer is the line below the smaller of the 2 gold/silverish blotches it joins the top of the largist rectangularish marks on lempkes,it dosnt on gold spot it sort of peters out nr the bottom of same rectangular mark,the same rect mark is usually blunter at the tip on lmpks,but both can vary in shape of marks.hope this helps.Bri

Nick Carter said...

Thanks Brian, gives us a bit of much needed confidence!

Winston said...

Hi Nick

this may also add to things.


AndyC said...

We will have to pop up with all the traps and give it a go nick,Im sure ther must be loads out there you are so close to the moor.?

AndyC said...