Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Somerset Moths

Hi All, Two apologies first. 1) Sorry fornot being around, this is my busiest time of year. My working season is the same as the mothing one unfortunately. 2) Sorry for posting an "Outside Calderdale" subject but thought it might beof interest. Right, went on a 2 day camping holiday with my daughter this week. On a 12 mile walk in the boiling heat we saw a red flash. This turned out to be a Scarlet Tiger. A moth locally abundant where we were (Near Martock on the river Parrett, where we found a colony of 50+) but is rare in the north. The black wings have a lovely green sheen on them. Very difficult to photograph though. The next new one for me was a Blood-vein. enjoy. Winston


Nick Carter said...

Remember that moth Sandra and I had in Cragg Vale/Withens Clough area? having seen Winston's photo I am even more convinced it was a Blood Vein, if only we known it was so interesting and taken a photo!

AndyC said...

Nice to hear from you ,Scarlet Tigers was a great find,If you are about tonight come along for an hour.Cheers Andy

Winston said...

Hi Andy. Unfortunately I will be stay in in Selby tonight after a gig and then off to Hull at 6am! Fri

Nick - If only. this has happened to me too