Friday, 31 July 2009

White-letter Hairstreak

How common are these round these parts ??
Other recent moths include a Burnished Brass, Silver Y, Snout, Swallow-tailed x3, Garden Carpet, Clouded Border, Large Emerald and Scalloped Oak x3, Buff Arches x2 and Dark Arches x4.


Chris said...

I'm not sure how rare they are, I've never seen one before, but talking to Andy the other week he thought Cunnery Wood might be a good place to keep an eye out - problem is since we spoke on that day it has rained and not been too cracky for butterflies.

I love the light blue down each side of the eye.

AndyC said...

First recorded in 2004 ,records near Elm sp ,Todmorden (Brian),sunny Vale,Northowram excellent photo and great record,

ian and tina said...

This one visited our garden the other day.
I thought with the decline of the elm it could be struggling nowadays !!