Wednesday, 1 July 2009

What A Month!

June has been fantastic! Lots and lots of Moths, too many to mention, the pick of the bunch this last two days are these,

Double Dart

what's the status of this Moth locally? I'm going to keep it over night if anyone would like to see it, it's a bit lively and hard to get a decent photo of

Puss Moth

Dark Spectacle

I've also had this Plain Golden Y?, which is a bit odd, the markings on the wing join together instead of being seperate, if you know what I mean. I had 3 the other night and this one looked really perculiar, is this normal variation in this species.


AndyC said...

I carnt find any recent records for DDart but I am sure there is an old record or two in Cllinson(which I carnt find at the mo).It has been a very good month indeed,lets hope July is as good.

Cangrande said...

Collinson (1969) records double dart as 'abundant at both light and sugar'

brian leecy said...

Hi Martyn,double dart,s one i aint seen,or puss moth come to that,good stuff.