Saturday, 4 July 2009

Puss Moths

Probably a stupid question this (I'm good at them) but we have kept one of the Puss Moth catapillars and are hoping it will pupate on a log we have put in with it, assuming it does then when can we expect it to emerge? will it overwinter as a pupa or hatch in a few days/weeks?


brian leecy said...

Hi Nick?Sandra,It will over winter as a pupa,earliest is prob may they can emerge upto july,i have a pic on the blog of a cocoon opened up by a green woodpecker,its an amazing structure of chewed bark and i prob wouldnt have noticed it without being damaged,

AndyC said...

Nick if you put Puss moth into the search at the top of the blogg,it will bring up all posts with Puss moth in them.(saves going back all the time)