Monday, 20 July 2009

Last Night in Hebden Bridge

Sunday 19th July - Looking good until about 3.30am when the hammering rain woke me up. A very soggy Skinner trap revealed the following usual visitors. The Mottled Beauty was my highlight. Really like these moths and managed to get this one on a good background I think. Winston

Dotted Clay 2
Northern Spinach 1
Clouded Border 1
Common Wave 1
Mottled Beauty 1
Brimstone 1
Bird-Cherry Ermine 1
Green Carpet 2
Common Rustic agg 1

Totlal - 11


brian leecy said...

nice shot Win,Bri.

Mick and Kath Sharpe said...

Lovelly moth but havent had one yet this year. I agree , settling them on the bark fair sets them off. More natural .

Winston said...

"Settling" is the key word there M & K. Not easy. Winston