Monday, 20 July 2009

Hipperholme last night

I set the MV going last night for a few hours, and had a good return of species (see below). The two photos above are ones I'nm not sure about, top could be a burnished brass but it was smaller than the other I caught and had a greeny tinge to the normally brassy areas - any ideas)
1 Orange swift
2 Riband wave
10 Large yellow underwing
7 Clouded border
10 Common wainscot
1 Brimstone
1 Purple thorn
4 Early thorn (1x 1st gen, 3 x 2nd gen)
2 Buff arches
2 Common footman
1 (1376) Small magpie
2 Common lutestring
1 July highflyer
1 Gothic
1 Lesser yellow underwing
1 Light emerald
1 Scalloped oak
1 Burnished brass
1 Plain golden Y


AndyC said...

Its a worn Burnished Brass and the other is tricky,I was thinking one of the Beauties to begin with but now think its Engrailed,but could easily be proved wrong.

Nick Carter said...

We definately need to look at relocating our trap we're getting net to nowt!

charlie streets said...

The second is an Engrailed.

Chris said...

I looked through my books and thought it was a beauty at first but could not decide which one (it being 12.45am last night I gave up and thought I would let the experts decide.
Many thanks for the correct ID.

Nick Carter said...

One thing we are learning as beginners is that moths appear to be subject to quite a lot of variation as a result of several possible factors including wear and how well the caterpillar was able to feed. We recently caught what turned out to be a LYU but was only about 2/3 the expected size, apparently this is due to an undernourished caterpillar.

They are confusing enough without these added "extras"!