Thursday, 2 July 2009

Narrow bordered five spot burnets

Lots of these newly emerged in a Northowram field probably well known to Andy C. Also the first Red Admirals I've seen this year, Painted Ladies, the odd Common Blue ( I think, went by rather quickly and didn't have time to pursue) Large Skippers and a battered looking Small Tortoiseshell. Thanks to Trish for camera work (my photos were pretty rubbish, obviously the camera's fault!) -she says hi by the way Andy.
Was interested to read the comments on recording local species by Paul below and agree wholeheartedly with what he has to say. As Andy comments some sort publication giving information about local species and habitats would be good. What would also be nice is an update of Collinsons 1969 work Butterflies and Moths of Halifax and District with all the new, or supposedly new, species added while retaining much of his interesting commentary (which itself draws on records going back to 1863) to give a historical perspective - well, yeah, a lot of work but if it were shared out amongst a few people it might be do-able. I'm certainly willing to volunteer help with the donkey work of typing things up etc. Food for thought anyway.


AndyC said...

Great camera work Trish,the middle shot is a beauty.Where were the 5 spots and the blue ,Ive never seen Common Blue up here.?
You'll have to pop round for a beer next time your up this way.Look forward to some more photos Trish.Cheers

Cangrande said...

Hi Andy, follow footpath round side of hill from end of Windmill Drive where Trish's mum's is, land owned by Barretts (boo!) but they can't build on it (hurray!) though because of the eyesore factor not the wildlife (of course). Loads of burnets and Trish reckons they've been there for five years at least. Only got a glimpse of the blue so can't be certain - lots of butterfly species by the look of it tho. Trish says she'd be happy to go there with you sometime, she'll probably subscribe to the blog in due course.

AndyC said...

Great,Hope your Birthday bash was up to the occasion,I got stuck in the Six...........(again)

Cangrande said...

No worries mate, twas a great evening thanks. Nearly made the Cunnery wood thing last night. Will try and get to some moff evenings in future and contribute a bit more on here.

oldsoulrebel said...

bringing the records up to date is a great idea, I'm in