Monday, 6 July 2009

Northowram over the weekend

Burnished Brass

Green arches

The cooler temps dont seem to have made a bit of difference to the trap catch over the last couple of days with,large numbers and species recorded.This Green arches was my favorite.Excellent numbers of Bright Line Brown Eye ,Gothic,Diamond Backed Moth,Common Footman,Flame and Light emeralds.New for the year were Slender Brindle,Secateaous Hebrew Character,Map winged swift,Small Rivulet,Straw Dot,Clay,Swallowtailed moth, Small dusty wave,Pinion Streaked Snout and 1201 Eucosma Cana.
Butterflies,,,,Painted Lady(4)Red Admiral(2)Gatekeeper(2)Ringlet(2)Small Skipper(1)
Speckled wood,Small tortoiseshell,Small Heath,Peacock larvae and Small White


brian leecy said...

some great moths there Andy,this heath trap opens up a whole new world,had it going all night and it was still on when i got to it at 5am,think im turning nocturnal,iv started behaving erratically near lighted areas !!

AndyC said...

I know what you mean,they all thought I was bonkers at work the other night when a moth flew into the Kitchen and I said..oh its a Map winged swift.............then caught it and then let it go outside...

AndyC said...

Keep an eye on those Heart and darts ont moors edge, Im sure we must get Heart and Club,????

oldsoulrebel said...

got Green Arches last night and Peach Blossom the night before......great stuff,

a good year for Beautiful Golden and Plain Golden Y also Burnished Brass, I had five of the latter one night