Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Straw Dot

Hi All, Has anyone else seen more of these than usual this year. In the last week I have disturbed 3 in grass during the day.
1) Around the edge of a school playground in Widnes.
2) Up on the waste ground over the river tunnel just past Morrisons on the way to todmorden. a good locationfor Small Skippers incidentaly (See pic)
3) Wandering around at Glastonbury Festival
and 4) One in the moth trap recently.

I also read that this moth can be a migrant, any info anyone. Whilst on this subject is there any evidence for reverse migration from the UK in Painted Lady butterflies. A friend saidshe had heard this on the radio?



Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Winston
Re Painted Ladies. I think they just keep moving away from the orignal migration point. There were literally hundreds and hundreds of their caterpillars on Thistles on the coast here yesterday when I went for a walk

charlie streets said...

Winston, I usually only see 2 or 3 Straw Dots a year and only one so far this year, so no signs of an influx yet, a neat little moth all the same.

Good to see you getting to grips with one or two micros, very nice shot of the Bird Cherry Ermine, one I've yet to see..

Winston said...

That was my assumption also. There has been some sightings of reverse migrations of red admiral but cant remember where I read it. Win

Winston said...

Hi Charlie, Yes my eyes are being opened to these amazing species, however slowly. Probable Nemophora fasciella (f) the other day. possible 2nd only yorkshire record. Harry is looking at the pic for me. Win

charlie streets said...

Can you post it here Win?

Winston said...


AndyC said...

We had 4 Straw dots the other night in Cunnery wood which is the most ive ever recorded locally.2 at light and 2 flying around nettles.