Monday, 24 August 2009

Bits and Bobbs

Common 'Bedstraw' Carpet
A few decent moths over the weekend including 2 Ruby Tigers last night which were my latest by 10 days.A good show of Common Carpets (i prefer there old name of Bedstraw carpet as they aint that 'Common'),Garden pebble,Straw Dot ,Copper Underwing,Shuttle shaped Dart,Brimstones,Rosy rustic and minor ,Campion,1126 ancylis badiana,Willow Beautys and Flame shoulders.
Brain reports good numbers of Anomalous,Heath,Autumnal and Negleted Rustics and he also found Anomalous eggs on wavy hair grass at Langfield edge.
National Moth Night is on the 12th (Sat night)September and I am planning to go to Withens clough car park for the night.All welcome.


Sandra Carter said...

Would love to participate in the National Moth night but will be away on hols then, can we do it from any site or does it have to be local?

Have just returned from the Bird Fair where the Butterfly Conservation Group had a stand. They had a couple of tanks with various moths in and we were very pleased to be able toname quite a few of them, including a rather smart Blood Vein!! We will return next year to try and find one in woods by Withens Clough!

AndyC said...

I think you can do it anywhere as long as its in the UK and you get an accurate grid ref. Bloodvein is a good target for next year will give you a hand in finding that one.Cheers

john said...


Are you sure its 12th September? the advert on the blog (to the left of your posts) says 18th & 19th September?

(sorry emailing from a different computer)