Thursday, 27 August 2009

Two micros

We would appreciate help IDing these micros. Apologies for poor pics.


charlie streets said...

The bottom one's Strawberry Tortrix (Acleris comariana).

I'm not familiar with the top one - do you know what foodplant it was found/reared on?

AndyC said...

How do you tell Acleris comariana from laterana, I have been getting loads over the last week and record them all as A,com/lat,also I have noticed a load of mines on our strawberry plants today.??

charlie streets said...

By not doing my homework properly!!

It just shows how unreliable getting "a good match" on UK moths is with species you're not familiar with! You are of course correct in putting them down as aggs.Get your microscope out Andy and have a look at their bits ;-)

A photo of the mines on strawberry would be interesting to have a look at or you could try rearing them through.Here's a link to strawberry miners.

AndyC said...

Thanks for the link Charlie looks like 53 Stigmella splendidissimella ?? the a continuose this line of frass etc but no larvae so will have to keep an eye on it .My camera is out of action at the moment so no pics unfortunatly

charlie streets said...

I'll have to check my strawberries for mines, I hadn't figured they might have stigmellas on them (doh!)

Be nice to rear one through as there's no photo yet on UK moths!

If yours are first generation mines there should be even more in a few weeks.

ian and tina said...

The top two pics are the same came from a curled up alder leave. I found several on the same young tree. In this case, a larva crawled out, spun web and pupated on the mesh I put over the jar.
I also noticed that another one has emerged directly from the end of curled leaf, pupa case looks similar, but I didn't see the moth.