Monday, 3 August 2009

cinnabar pupae

Hi, these are apparently cinnabar pupae, taken from an article about this moth in New Zealand where they were introduced to control ragwort! Noticed a few caterpillars round near my house recently, thought he ragwort appears to be doing pretty well nonetheless!


brian leecy said...

Hi Andy,keep them records of cinnabars,as they are really down again this year.all the best Bri.

Andy Greaves said...

Will do Brian, there have been a few cats down here along the canal bank (near the Navigation Pub, council tip etc)and I think Andy C said he's seen a few up his way. Seems a long time since there was a really good Cinnabar year.

Marie said...

I have them in my garden and a load of ragwort that I've chopped up. I also have 5 cinnabar caterpillars that are close to making a cocoon in a tank. They lurve that ragwort haha.