Monday, 31 August 2009

Norway Maple Mine,31 08 09

Found this mine on norway maple with this phyllo sp just besides it,whether just coincidental,or from the mine im not so sure,as the mine and moth look quite damaged,and no pupal case protruding from mine,anyone know if p geniculella uses norway maple,i think p platanoides uses it,and the little info i can find says mine can be either smooth or with 1 or 2 creases,shape and position on leaf seems ok,but not sure ?


charlie streets said...

Bri, I would say the mine is that of P.platanoidella as it's the only phyllo to mine Norway Maple.

As the moth and mine are both old it is unlikely the two are connected.

The moth isn't geniculella as the two main chevrons are not connected by a noticeable black edged brown bar for one.

As it is associating with Norway Maple it would seem likely that it is platanoidella but I'm not sure how you could definitely rule out P. acerifoliella which mines Field Maple.

brian leecy said...

Thanks a lot Charlie,bit of a jigsaw that 1 ! at least p platanoidella are around ,il have to check some more n at a garden tomorrow that has a hedge with field maple in it,could be interesting.all the best Bri.