Friday, 14 August 2009

Kebcote Moth and Copper Underwings

A bit of a belated post here, but had this (bottom pic) in the heath trap while out camping by the Sportsman, Kebcote last Sat. There were three others of the same species. Six striped Rustic I think - can anyone confirm/correct? Due to various factors, general incompetence resulting from hangover being the main one, I didn't get a complete record from that evening but along with many LYU's, Common/Lesser Rustics and Smoky Wainscots there was one Northern Spinach one Antler Moth and one Grey Mountain Carpet.
Also below from last night in Sowerby Bridge. Was interesting to find a couple of Copper Underwings which I differentiated from Svennson's using the labial paps method described in UK moths and (I've just noticed) featured in a couple of interesting posts from last August by Paul T and Andy C. Anyone know whether the underside of wing method still has any validity as it still seems to be widely quoted?
10 LYU
6 Lesser Broad bordered YU
2 Copper Underwing
2 Common Carpet
1 Purple Thorn
1 Dark Arches
1 Bird Cherry Ermine


oldsoulrebel said...

I would agree with Six-striped Rustic - not sure about Copper Underwings myself, only had one Svensonn's so far this year, maybe we can catch some at a month night and go though it


Andy Greaves said...

Aye, on such an evening it might be worth trying sugar as they're very susceptible to it, I remember helping out with a moth evening at Hardcastle Crags ten years or so back and large numbers of Copper Underwing (or Svennson's.?) were the only visitors to the sugared trees.