Friday, 28 August 2009

Grisly goings on !! 28 08 09

Heres a pic of 4th instar sallow kitten at 25mm now.and a pic of grey dagger larva with parasitic cocoon attached,nature eh !!


charlie streets said...

Fascinating stuff Bri.

I presume the parasitic wasp pupa is using the warning colours and irritating hairs of the dead(?)Grey Dagger larva as a defence from would be predators - clever or what!

brian leecy said...

we dont know half of what go,s on,i bet theres parasitica which prey on other parasites no doubt !

charlie streets said...

There are, they're called hyper parisitoids.That's why it can be very difficult sometimes to determine what a particular parisitoid has fed on - the moth or the original parisitoid which fed on the moth!

You thought studying micros was problematical - it seems to pale into insignificance compared to studying parasitic wasps.