Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Last nights trappings

Results from the trap last night

Light emerald 2
July highflyer 2
Early thorn 1
Antler moth 5
Phoenix 1
Dun0bar 1
Large yellow underwings 56

How come we get more yellow underwings to traps than anything else, I don't think I have ever seen one of their caterpillars but they always seem to be around at lights?


oldsoulrebel said...

it's the most abundant Moth Chris, I had 246 of them last night!


Steve Blacksmith said...

Hi Chris,
The caterpillars live underground/ under plant detritus, presumabely feeding on plant roots or vegetatation litter. They can be greenish or brownish. Could be different species, not sure yet.
I find them in autumn/winter when clearing weedy garden borders. Some I keep, some I throw to robins if there is one keeping me company at the time. They turn into beautiful shiny mahogany-brown pupae. These can wriggle slightly and are thus easy to drop, presumabely as an escape reaction. The moth occasionally emerges. Sorry, I haven't kept dates.