Monday, 31 August 2009

Strawberry mine

Here is a picof the mine found on Strawberry.? Any comments would be appreciated.


charlie streets said...

My own thoughts are this is probably S.aurella due to the apparently well dispersed frass at the latter stages of a couple of the mines. This can also be an effect of weathering if the mines are old so I would say further investigating is needed.

I've had quite a thorough search on my allotments for these mines on strawberry and found none which would suggest, if it is aurella, that they much prefer bramble.

Also, I found a Lime Hawkmoth larva wandering along the hospital boundary wall (allotment side) yesterday,which is not surprising given the amount of lime trees present.

AndyC said...

Thanks Charlie I will keep my eye on the strawberry patch.Lime Hawk is a good one did u get a pic.??

charlie streets said...

Nope, unfortunately.