Friday, 7 August 2009

Sowerby Bridge last night

Most interesting night so far down here with me borrowed heath trap, though curtailed by huge downpour. I have the top one (wing span just less than 20mm) down as a Small Fan-footed Wave, can anyone confirm/correct?. Others were :

5 Large Yellow Underwings
3 Marbled Beauty
2 Lesser Broad bordered YU's
2 Dark Arches
1 Sallow Kitten (pictured)
1 Small Phoenix
1 Mother of Pearl


oldsoulrebel said...

yes that'as Small FFW, I've had a few this last couple of weeks


Andy Greaves said...

cool, thanks Martyn

AndyC said...

I bet you were well chuffed with that Sallow Kitten ,its a beauty.