Friday, 14 August 2009

Did anyone else have a bumper moth night on Tuesday? We had our best night ever for numbers of moths, including over 60 LYU. A couple of new ones too inc Chevron, a bit of a worn one, would like to see a " newer " one. Also new was Satin Beauty.

Large yellow Underwing 60+
Lesser Broadbordered Yellow Underwing 3
Least Yellow Underwing 3
Lesser Yellow Underwing 4
Common Wainscot 3
Smoky Wainscot 1
Square Spot Rustic 3
Antler Moth 3
Marbled Beauty 2
Dark Arches 2
Flame Shoulder 1
Ruby Tiger 1
Lesser Common Rustic 4
Chevron 1
Satin Beauty 1
Riband Wave 1

New one this morning (Friday)in trap was Orange Swift, another belter!


Andy Greaves said...

A really good night by the looks of it. Good to see the Least Yellow Undewing records in particular.

AndyC said...

Did you get a pic of the satin Beauty a scarcely recorded moth locally.

Nick Carter said...

Sandra took one, I'll forward it on, let us know if we are wrong please.

Sandra Carter said...

For the record the Satin Beauty was in fact a Willow Beauty, sorry chaps, still learning!