Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Afternoon walk

Took a walk yesterday afternoon from home, up Norcliffe Lane to Sunny Bank Farm, then cut down the fields to Sunny Vale before returning to Badger Lane.

Speckled wood
Small skipper
Meadow brown
Small heath
(all above in large numbers, 50+) on lanes and in fields)
lots of grass moths
1 red admiral
1 large white
Might be worth setting up a few heath traps in the grass one night and leaving to see what we find. Also found a half eaten carcass of a moth (bottom) on the road around the old factory. Is it an emerald?
Sunny Vale lake produced lots of blue damselflies, 2 kingfisher, heron and 27 orchids.
Also included the photo of the moth I am having trouble identifying from the trap any help welcome.

Also Andy you mentioned about another visit to Cunnery Wood, do you want to try this Thursday evening?


AndyC said...

Chris,I would Say ,Dark Arches,Light Emerald and yes this thursday would be good.

Chris said...

Cheers for the ID Andy. What time do you want to meet on Thursday and is anyone else interested in coming along?

brian leecy said...

Hi Chris,where abouts is Cunnery Wood ?

oldsoulrebel said...

I'll try and make it


Chris said...

Cunnery Wood is part of Shibden Park, the entrance is opposite the exit from the top car park off Shibden Hall Road. It is a wonderful little woodland with some great scope for wildlife feathery, furry or freshwatered.

Chris said...

If any one wants further info best call me on 077699 54956