Saturday, 6 June 2009

glyphipterix haworthana,06 06 09

Just got g haworthana emerged from cotton grass seed head langfield common on 21 03 09,superb !


charlie streets said...

Nice one Brian, I can tell you're well pleased with that little beauty.I reckon there's some cotton grass at Norland,closer to me(?) I'll have to have a look sometime.

AndyC said...

Great records bri,The larvae is a first for Calderdale and if Paul has'nt recorded g.haworthana(what a great read Tutt is) before I reckon thats a first as well.Might be worth sending C.Fletcher a line to confirm there status in Yorkshire. Under recorded I bet.

brian leecy said...

No doubt,these are locally common,wonder if we could get them at withens car park,im sure we will get grey scalloped bar up there ,we need a trip up there what you think ?

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi all
I have indeed recorded this species and have published tips on finding it on UK Moths/Micros and I think on the old Calderdale Invertebrate blog ?

Best time to find it is late winter or early spring (before April). Its easy to find as the old fluffy seedheads which are occupied are stuck to grass etc. All other seedheads have blown away by this stage. The two adults shown on Ian Kimbers site are from seedheads we collected near Blackstone Edge in January on a freezing cold day.

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Brian
You might also look for

598 Elachista kilmunella.. never seen this

628 Biselachista eleochariella ..never seen this either.

630 Biselachista albidella...never seen this either.

1313 Catoptria pinella...never seen this either !

All these species are suggested as being on Eriophorum spp (Cotton Grass) in Emmets Field Guide. I suspect many of these will be very important records if found in Calderdale but I have no idea of the Yorkshire distribution.

brian leecy said...

Cheers for them eriophorum feeding sp,Paul,all the best Bri. ps ive found a few patches of cowberry locally,phyl junoniella would be nice !

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Cotton Grass spp
598 Elachista 6-7 on moors flies about 17.00 hrs

628 Biselachista 6-7 ?

630 Biselachista albidella...mines leaves of foodplant 6-8

1313 Catoptria pinella...larva 9-6 in a silken 7-8

43 Ectoedemia weaveri
328 Phyllonorycter junoniella
505 Coleophora idaeella
506 Coleophora vitisella
507 Coleophora glitzella
1040 Acleris caledoniana
1055 Acleris hyemana..Emmet give this on Cowberry..not sure about this ?
1056 Acleris lipsiana
1072 Olethreutes metallicana
1096 Apotomis sauciana
1128 Ancylis myrtillana
1148 Epinotia mercuriana
1158 Rhopobota ustomaculana

All these are listed by Emmet in his field guide but sometimes Cowberry is not given on websites so it may or may not be on this plant. Several of the species mentioned are needed for Ian Kimbers website so I assume they are scarce but obviously a cracking find if you manage any

AndyC said...

Hi Paul,Did you record 544 Coleophora albicosa when you were in Calderdale.? and if you did was it in the Shibden vally area/Cromwell Bottom.

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Andy...I never recorded this species as Gorse was not around much near Elland.