Monday, 15 June 2009

Aliens !

Hi all

The photo shows parasites of some sort emerging from a final instar Northern Egger. This is a larvea I found on Norland Moor a couple of years back and reared through to final instar. I had a few larvea of Northern Egger and they did the usual cat thing of getting restless and roaming around the container looking for pupation sites when they finished feeding. I popped them in seperate containers and spotted this one would still not spin up when suddenly these white grubs started eating their way of the poor cat. When ever I see this photo it reminds me on John Hurt in Aliens ! Notice how the emerging larvae seem to be appearing just above the spiracular line on the cat.

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charlie streets said...

I never know whether to laugh or cry Paul when it happens. There's not a lot you can do I suppose apart from rearing them through and sending them off to Dr. Shaw up north.I just call them a few x-rated names and bin them.

I've got twenty or so stigmella pupae on the go at the moment and with my track record I'll be glad if anything emerges :-(