Tuesday, 2 June 2009

news from todmorden,02 06 09.

Hi all,saw an amazing site today,a swarm of argyresthia trifasciata,must have been 150 plus,on one smallish juniper bush in todmorden area,Andy i seem to remember you saw them also.ps dont know if i can make thurs at w clough,will let you know,all the best bri.


charlie streets said...

Great photo for such a tiny moth Brian.They seem to be thriving once they get a foothold, although I've not seen one for 3 years now, I'm obviously not hanging around the right trees!

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

I am certain Ian Kimber, Sue and I found this species on Leylandi hedges near Ripponden on the old railway track ? I do not have the record in MM but I am certain we found it as Ian tapped it out of Leylandi hedge near the start of the track. i don't see why it would not be on other leylandi hedges in Calderdale as they are very widesread.