Friday, 26 June 2009

Centre Vale Park Moth Night,25 06 09

Hi all,id just like to say a big thanks to Andy Cockroft,Chris Sutcliffe,Roy Johnson Mick Harrop,and every one who managed to make it last night.although clear skies and 1 or 2 midges didnt help ! we still got 20 macros and 6 micro species,and probably quite a few people who will soon be mothing ,which is great.burnished brass,pic included,light emerald,green silver lines,herald,buff arches,peach blossom,coxcomb prominent,brimstone,small angleshades,and beautiful golen y,small magpie impressed every one .Thanks a lot ,All the best Bri,ps a good turn out for a thursday night.

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AndyC said...

It was a great doo,well done Bri for organising this it went very well indedd.