Tuesday, 9 June 2009

moth night centrevale park todmorden

Hi all,hopefully trying for thurs 25 jun 09,i know its not the best night with people working etc,but there is security concerns for fri/sat,if any one could help out for a few hours i would be grateful,they will put some pics on display,in the centre so people can see over the weekend,Paul,i could maybe do some leaflets for books which could be bought from your Pennine bk company,if thats ok.will finalise the time and date by this thurs evening.all the best bri.


Nick Carter said...

No good for us I'm afraid as we are away. Hope you do better than we are at the moment, getting virtually nothing up here at all.

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Brian
Sue and I used to do a similar event with Ian Kimber at the Hollingworth Lake site near Littleborough. We did it twice and never again mate. Loads and I mean loads and loads of boy & girl racer chavs reved up and down round the site all night at high speeds. Sue and I were always unavoidably engaged with other things whenever Ian asked us again :-))

I will happilliy draw you up a suggested book list but there is no need to plug Pennine Books

Chris said...


I might be able to help out do you have more details if so then please send to chris.sutcliffe@calderdale.gov.uk


brian leecy said...

Cheers Chris,il know better this thurs evening,and il get in touch,all the best Bri.Paul,when we were there twice at hollingworth lake with Ian,we didnt have any probs,must have been lucky !

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Brian
Hollingworth Lake was not as bad as when we did the mothing session at Formby. Ian and I thought as it was a National Trust property it would be quiet. Instead we discovered the car park was the local boy racers favored meeting place which they used as a base to play loud car stereos and get pissed. They spent the whole late evening/early part of the night having a party whilst periodically driving round to take the piss out of us. After three hours Ian and I had enough and packed up the kit in case someone tried to nick the gennies. We drove round to another guys set up to see what he had coming into the light. He was set up near a caravan park by a pathway onto the beach. Every 10 mins or so a couple would wander past us through the light and sheet clutching a blanket and bottle of booze and then thirty minutes or so later the same couple would reappear minus bottle, shake the sand from the blanket and head back to the caravan park with a satisfied smile on their face...or at least the blokes did :-))

AndyC said...

Sounds good to me could you put the blogg.adress on it somewhere.??