Monday, 1 June 2009

Monday morning

What a difference a week makes with plenty of sun around there was plenty about.
4 painted Ladys(must have missed the main movment last friday)
10 Small Heath
2 Small White
1 Large White
1 Epiblema cynosbatella
1 Mompha epilobiella
1 Micropix aruncella
15 Crambus lathoniellus
10 + Coleophora albicosta ??(flying round Gorse)
50 + Nettle Tap .
Thursday night Withens Clough if any one is up for it.??


oldsoulrebel said...

plenty in the garden these last two nights

Scallloped Hazel 14
White-spotted Pug 8
Pug spp 7
Garden Carpet 7
Silver Ground Carpet 3
Brimstone 3
Lesser Swallow Prominent
Small Phoenix 10
Phoenix 2
Clouded Bordered Brindle 13
Common Marbled Carpet 10
Angle Shades
Rustic Shoulder Knot 6
Heart And Dart
Clouded Silver

what's everyone else been getting?

see you at Withens on Thursday


Nick Carter said...

Next to nowt :(

AndyC said...

Good numbers and much the same here in Northowram with Engrailed Clay,White Ermine ,Flame and Shuttle shaped dar as well.

Nick Carter said...

Yep, we're up for it, what time?

brian leecy said...

Hi Andy,il be able to make w clough thurs,heres hoping for a cloudy mild evening,is that too much to ask for ! see you there.first blood to heath trap last night nowt special,but its a start,pack it all int rucksack and try places right out ont moors.all the best bri.