Sunday, 14 June 2009


In contrast to just about everyone else we are having a lean time of it up here, Friday's moths were

Flame Shoulder 1
Heart and Dart 1 (our first up here)
Cl Bd Brindle 1
Flame 1 (another first)
Green Carpet 1 (we think but was very worn)
Common Swift 1
Magpie Moth 1

Plus three as yet unidentified, photo has gone to Andy, I know we had them at Withens Clough but can't remember their name!

Last night just brought us 1 Miller.

Getting jealous!!!


Nick Carter said...

Having said all that we have been out on Midgley Moor today looking for Twite and had 5 Northern Eggars flying around plus the remains of one dead one in the path. We also called at Ringstone this evening and had Chimney Sweeper on the walk to the hide.

oldsoulrebel said...

I've not had much in Luddenden, Nick, just 8 Moths there last night and 107 here in Pellon

I've checked the (Small)Elephant Hawkmoth I had in Ludd the other night and that's what it was a undersize Elephant, just goes to show have a decent look don't just go on size like I did!!!!!


brian leecy said...

Nick/Sandra, did you say Magpie,not small magpie ! because magpie would be a brill record !Bri.

AndyC said...

Nick if you have a free night this week I could bring the MV light round and see what it brings in.Im sure there is loads about.You have had a great start to moffing.....swings and roundabouts...My inbox is full of moths to id .....I will get round to them tomorrow hopefully

Nick Carter said...

Sorry Brian I meant Small Magpie, its the moth I sent you a photo of.

Nick Carter said...

"School nights" are bad for us but Friday or Saturday evening would be good, let me know which one (if any) and I'll not do my BBS the following day! When a day is decided I'll throw the invite out to all, beer, tea, coffee, whatever will be provided.

AndyC said...

Friday sounds good.

Nick Carter said...

Friday it is, see later post