Wednesday, 3 June 2009

White Pinion Spotted

Apologies for the poor quality photo but it was nearly dark and the moth was in a tube. We netted this at the junction of Cragg Vale and Withens Clough not far from the Hinchliffe Arms last night whilst trying to refind the possible Blood Vein we had further up the valley earlier in the week, Brian tells us its a good 'un!


brian leecy said...

Nice one Nick and Sandra,is it worth asking landlord of hinchcliff,if we could put BIG LIGHT on in beer garden !! all the best bri.

Nick Carter said...

Just been out to set up the trap for tonight and found a cracking Puss moth, a first for us at home.

brian leecy said...

Theres just no stopping you two at the moment,cracking record,again !all the best hope you are coming withens tonight with your luck.