Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Anyone seen my glasses?

anyone else having lots of Clouded Bordered Brindle, I had 21 last night

also had six of these little brown jobs in the trap last night

and one of these big grey jobs, luvly


Nick Carter said...

We had Poplar Hawk again last night too.

AndyC said...

Micro looks like 647..Hofmannophila pseudosprettela Brown House Moth..your first step into the abyss.Had my first Small Clouded Brindle,Bright line Brown eye and Cabbage Moth of the year last night

brian leecy said...

Hi Martyn,theres no hope for you now ! the micro world welcomes you ! finally got success with heath trap,small phoenix,common marbled carpet,epiblema sp garden pebble,looked promising but sky cleared,now theres a change ! found a nice spot broadleaved trees with large clearing full of bilberry and some heather,bilberry pug would be nice,dream on !Andy,il be able to make thurs at w clough,martyn,are you bringing actinic,ive got an extension lead ? all the best bri.