Friday, 19 June 2009

Mystery Moth

Hi All, whilst things are rather busy with me and I haven't had much time to trap / search for moths I have really enjoyed everyones postings of brilliant descoveries and pics. This pic is of a moth found last week in Gayana! sent to me by my friend who is staying out there for a while. Any ideas?


Nick Carter said...

Bearing in mind your line of work, will you be at Glasto this year?

oldsoulrebel said...

can't find that one in the book Winston!

I should imagine they get a few Moths in Guyana, a place we stayed at in Ecuador had recorded over 3000 species, over half unknown


Winston said...

Hi Martyn, Thats amazing. Yes my friend has tales of so many moths the size of birds!

Hi Nick, Yes Working in warrington (Mon) York (Tue) Runcorn (Wed)then, yes off to Glasto till sun, no rest for the wicked. Still ,At least Status Quo are playing.

Nick Carter said...

Good stuff Winston, e mail me your mobile no. if you want to meet up, we will be there!

Nick Carter said...

Sorry Winston, left off my address! (age strikes again)