Saturday, 13 June 2009

Mad Friday,12thJune 2009

Northern Eggar(b.Leesey)
With well over 75 species of Macro recorded last night at 8 different sites at light traps throughout Calerdale it turned up some great local records.Green Arches ,Coxcombe Prominent,Ruby Tiger,Northern Eggar,Peach Blossom (at least 7), Pale tussock(5)3 species of hawkmoths and many more.Thanks for everyones records,the next few days look just as good ....(who needs sleep) look forward to every ones posts.dont forget there is no hierarchy on this site just help in identifing local moths,everyone makes mistakes and I make more than most.

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Nick Carter said...

Sorry Andy been a very hectic weekend, will get our lists to you ASAP (not very impressve I'm sad to say)