Wednesday, 24 June 2009

testing testing

testin video image


charlie streets said...

Yep, it works fine that Andy. Can anyone upload videos? It could open up endless possibilities!

AndyC said...

Yes,anyone should be able to post a video clip.!! When you click on new post,there should be a video clip icon on the tool bar next to add photo,spelling / bold etc.Just click and upload like a photo

AndyC said...

I am going to try and get some Ghost Moths at dusk tomorrow night'and kept seeing that paul was adding video clips to his blogg.So I just had to try it.Last night in a cool easterly breeze there were still 252 Ghost moths

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Guys
Just a warning. When you want to upload a video makes sure its not too long 20-40 seconds or so and click the link to upload the video BEFORE you start writing the blurb. It takes ages to upload a 40second video clip so write your blyrb and then leave it running and go and have a bath and your tea and it should be just about done !

My camera is OK but its not that clear when you use the magnification option on the camera for insects. See my blog for the damselflies yesterday in my mini pond. Larger things like birds and mammals work best on my camera. The other thing not to forget is that most cameras have microphones so it picks up coughing, farting, etc and the whole world will hear it :-))

Your other alternative is to load it direct to you Utube and post a link on the blog. The images are sharper, its quicker upload and the viewer is much bigger than on a blog. I do a daily diary of various views around the peninsular for Sue when shes back in Yorkshire and just cut the link and paste it into an email each day.

I had rather hoped Darren would do some dragonfly videos for the blog. But Andy seems to be the only one whos picked up on my blog now consisting of videos mainly. So far this week I have had various dragonflies
Emperor (male, munching a large red damsel as he flew around)
Broad Bodied Chaser
Four Spotted Chaser
Large Red Dam
Common Blue Dam
Golden Ringed Dragonfly
UFO hawker, on the bike again now and glimpsed this as it when past and think it was probably Brown Hawker.

charlie streets said...

It'll probably take 3 or 4 days to upload a video clip with my dial up service :-(

I don't know Paul, call yourself "moffman", there seems to be everything on your blog at the moment except moths - don't you get many in Wales :-))

PS: You'll upset Darrell calling him that! ;-)

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Charly
I find that the best way to attract a response is to deliberately mis-spell a name :-))

I have been enjoying Darrels superb Odonata shots and hoped that his camera had a video facilty so that he could shoot some for the blog. My camera (Cannon Powershot A640) was bought to take out with us when we went cycling as its lightweight, robust and it a very good general purpose camera. What its not designed for is detailed close up work on insects such as yourself and Brian post. As Darrel has not posted for a few days I hoped he was out and about with his camera shooting some more Dragonlies.

I now have access to various private woodlands, ponds and nature reserves here and will have to invest in a good quality digital SLR when I can afford. Sue has an Cannon Film SLR with some great lenses and we hope to just buy the body of a digital SLR and buy an adaptor ring to take the old lenses we have.

PS I have a folder full of insects stills yet to edit and sort, including moths. Just aint had the time yet.