Thursday, 4 June 2009

Assembling Trap

Hi all
I mentioned a couple of weeks back about a cheap and easy assembling trap for use in trapping the smaller macros and micros using artificial pheromones or female moths. Ian Smith has very kindly sent me a link to the design and construction made using plastic water bottles. Although primarily used to attract moths you can use it to attract other insects by the placing some suitable bait inside. I am currently using a couple to attract carrion beetles and as we have a resident hedgehog in the garden it keeps the beetles safe from being scoffed before I have chance to ID them ! Please remember if you pass on the tip to mention its been designed by Ian and the actual plan and instructions are copyright of Ian Smith.

Link to the plan

I would be good if anyone who tries the trap for various insect orders could post their results on the blog


charlie streets said...

I suppose you could use it for sugaring various sites if you don't fancy staying till after dark.Might look into that.

brian leecy said...

Sounds really interesting that Paul,think i could get into that.all the best bri.

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

I reckon you would still need to get to the trap before too late in the morning as any moths trapped inside would be at risk of being baked by the sun or eaten by wasps which would also be attracted to the sugar.