Saturday, 13 June 2009

Is This Toadflax Pug ?

Is this Toadflax Pug or Foxglove. It looks like Toadflax but isnt it a bit early?


AndyC said...

I would say a very well marked Foxglove.What was its size.??

brian leecy said...

Hi Mick/Kath,looks like a foxglove pug to me,as its got a kink in outer edge of central bar,but one of the nicest ive seen,beautifully marked.all the best Bri.

Mick and Kath Sharpe said...

Hi Andy and Bri
The marks at the top of picture are 1/2 " apart. The reason I was confused is because of another ID on Back Garden which said
""I'd say Toadflax for your pug - dark central bar has white edge, Foxglove doesn't have this.""
Anyone confused besides me? Help

oldsoulrebel said...

I'd agree with Foxglove