Monday, 22 June 2009

Langfield Common,21 06 09

Hi all.2 Grey Scalloped Bars finally ,12 true lovers knot ,10 dark brocade,8 broom,neofaculta ericetella,dark arches,pic of broom moth included,at heath trap last night.All the best Bri.


AndyC said...

Nice one Bri ,I gonna set mine up overnight at CB this week some time.Its looking great for Thursday night and should be a good doo.

brian leecy said...

Fingers crossed Andy,brill getting grey scalloped bars with heath trap,some of the heather feeding brooms seem more marked than the bracken feeders,interesting!that could be interesting at cb overnight,see you thurs.Bri.

brian leecy said...

Just had 5 beautiful yellow underwings,and 9 olethreutes schulziana,northern eggar ad male and small larva that a bird had,loads of c heath,whiteholme drain ! where else !